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Hello Legends,
we have implemented new update.


- Fixed the party problem when you go out and when you relocate it auto-adds itself to the party.
- GremoryCase system fixed.
- Fixed the problem with killing party member.
- Fixed problem with ancient Carthy´s ring when storing in vault or vault-expanded became normal.
- Fixed the Master Experience problem when a character does the Resets.
- Mixes of the cherry blossom white, red, golden were arranged. And he also arranged so that being
collected are sent to the normal inventory and not to the Event Inventory.
- Fixed issue with the following staves not leveling up with Jewel of Bless and Jewel of Soul.
# Lemuria's Orb
# Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra
# Runedil's Goldebtune Harp
# Thoughful Sage's Jewel
- Some adjustments were made to the HuntingLog system.
- MasterSkill Shadow Step fixed.


Next update coming soon :)

Posted 24 / 05 / 2020 By MuLegends

Currently this is only one server.