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Hello Legends,
we have implemented new update.

- items required for a quest to expand inventory added to drop
- decreased drop of jewelles
- increased drop of Zen from snakes (summon scroll)
- added NPC for a chaos combination of Cherry Blossom added to Lorencia
- custom NPC helper spawned to more maps
- Blood Caste - increased Zen reward for completing
- Blood Castle 3-8 - added drop of Silver key and Golden key
- Devil Square - increased exp multiplier for a map
- Devil Square 5-7 - added drop of Silver key and Golden key
- Acheron, Debenter, Nars, Uruk_mountain - increased drop of Mithril
- Started rework of stat calculation - changed def from agi and base dmg bonuses from stats - need feedback
- Golden box - added drop for a wcoins
- Silver box- added drop for a wcoins
- Kundun box +1 - +5 - added drop for a Wcoins
- FireCracker - increased drop of Zen
- Drop of FO items removed
- Drop of Exc items lowered (event maps have still higher drop)
- Golden box and Silver box - increased drop of Zen
- Exp settings slightly modified for specific resets
- MoonStone Pendant added to drop (Kanturu relics)
- Kundun box +1 - +5 - increased drop
- Gold monsters in invasion have got reinforcements
- Crywolf - Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast added to drop


Posted 21 / 05 / 2020 By MuLegends

Currently this is only one server.