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Grand Opening and SETTINGS



  • First Rule: YOU ARE ONE OF LEGENDS IN MU ONLINE! (now we can continue :)... )
  • NO SHOP for real cash (for high in-game items)!!!!! And NEVER WILL!!!

  • EXP settings - Dynamic - low xp (from start is exp higher and
    then slower and slower) (first reset is rly fast, lvl 300 req.
    and reward for first reset is 900 points. Next reset
    is rly too much slower :D)

  • Max LvL - 800
  • Max Master lvl - 500
  • Max Reset - 999 (you can reset your character only via web)
  • Max Grand Reset - 0 (disabled)
  • Reset FEE is complete dynamic system (you can check it on website)
  • Max stats is 65 000 + -
  • Reward for reset is dynamic
  • Reward for Crywolf Event is 10% + in chaos machine for all
  • You can DROP items with full opt from monsters!
  • Low Drop
  • Max opt +16
  • Max item level +15
  • Weekly Castle Siege
  • Epic bosses
  • Minigames
  • Anticheat
  • Autoparty
  • Own dev team for custom content
  • Custom Wings (S13-S15)
  • MU helper work and is free for everyone!
  • All Maps spawned and SPOTS on minimap =) (player friendly)
  • All maps have Legendary SPOTS on minimap =)
  • All ancient items work correctly with bonuses
  • info about S12-S13? (we can upgrade server to S13 complete and then to next version (now is max S15) without WIPE!!!! (now we have some maps, quests and monsters from S13-S14)
  • Client and Server is protected because we need players without hacking tools... If you use it, you can be banned permanently! (this is reason why you have launcher opened every time...)
  • We have some custom items and settings (nothing copied, all settings ,spots and other... from us!)
  • extra bonusses for all online characters every 1h
    wcoin, ruud, gp
  • Arena map is only for VIP (+%XP, +%DROP, +%LUCK, +%SKILL, Some RARE Monsters with high respawn time!)
  • Land Of Trials (+%XP, +%DROP, +%LUCK, +%SKILL, Some RARE Monsters with high respawn time!)
  • blood castle, chaos castle and kalima... (+%XP, +%DROP, +%LUCK, +%SKILL)
  • Minimum Level required to create new Guild = 150
  • Minimum count of guild members per guild to join alliance = 5
  • Maximum count of guilds can join alliance = 3
  • Block chat F2

Posted 11 / 05 / 2020 By MuLegends

Currently this is only one server.